Blessed to have been sponsored by Pick N Pay Schools Club for rugby development in under privileged areas – donated by RWC 2019 sponsors Mastercard

The Hammanskraal Touch Rugby League

A few months back Pick N Pay approached ShadowBall to create an innovative up skill program. The focus of the brief was to develop rugby for the under privileged. We were naturally successful in our pitch or else I wouldn’t be writing this 😊. In association with Touch Rugby South Africa & Gauteng Touch Rugby Association we managed to form our first development touch rugby league. We choose touch rugby because of its low resource intensiveness compared to full contact rugby.

Wonderful people – truly a pleasure to help out

The town we chose for the project is Hammanskraal. This small town outside of Pretoria has a warm and welcoming feel. The people are compassionate and love sport. Because our staff members administer and coach the Hammanskraal Rugby Club so it was easy for us to start up .

A new rugby program created

In ShadowBall style we created a new rugby skills program. The creation goal was to stretch the funding as far as possible. With the funds we managed to help locals to found a small csporting company. After tis launch pad, The Hami Town sporting company will now serve the local community. Because we believe communities that play sport are healthier & happier for kids, our goal to do as much as we can with every cent. Our original brief was to do a 1 day event, however with the same funding we managed to run the sport in 12 schools for 8 weeks. Included in our budget was the supply coaches gift of 120 ShadowBall’s 24 game balls to all the schools + transport kids to the final event).

The league will run for 8 weeks. For the first 7 weeks, 12 schools play touch rugby and the ShadowBall Pass Booster Program. In the final week, 120 boys and girls are chosen for the final event. Data gathered from the ShadowBall drills will be used to make the selection .

Details of the final event

The inter school touch rugby league will take place on 19 October at the Hammanskraal Sports Complex. In attendance will be Media and former pro players.

Receiving funding from corporates really gives us a chance to make a difference in the lives of those who need it. Thank you Mastercard & Pick N Pay – we are extremely grateful.

From Gary Crookes – ShadowBall Inventor, founder & MD