ShadowBall® is for all rugby players. We serve parents, coaches, teams & companies who want to invest in rugby. We offers a range of high quality, long lasting products, A ShadowBall Skills Academy and sponsorship and CSI options for corporates.

Principle of engagement :

The ShadowBall® is more than a ball, it’s our opportunity to make an impact in the lives of the youth and contribute to making the world a better place.

ShadowBall’s vision:

Skills for every player

ShadowBall’s Mission Statement:

Mission: We strive to create high quality, innovative rugby skills products and programs for the youth. We are establishing a global network skills development professionals to serve every player. We aim to continuously improve value for our customers, staff and shareholders.

Founder’s Why:

Founded by Gary Crookes in April 2014. Gary is a passionate South African who believes rugby has a major role to play in developing future leaders globally. Gary’s inspirations was by Nelson Mandela’s rugby legacy & leadership. Tis inspired him to develop a brand that engages the youth and rapidly develops skills.

ShadowBall is an established an international brand, known as a leader in it’s field.The Springboks, All Blacks, DHL Stormers, and many other pro teams all train on ShadowBall. The Japanese Rugby Union & World Cup winning coach Jake White have officially endorsed ShadowBall. Many Pro Players such as Siya Kholisi have been seen using ShadowBall to train…

Gary has filed 8 patents, in multiple countries. ShadowBall is a registered Trade Mark in most countries in multiple classes. The ShadowBall Pro series, ShadowWall and ShadowBall Construct are unique products covered under the patents.

Make contact with Gary on Linked In:

ShadowBall Inventor, Founder & MD Gary Crookes with ShadowBall Academy Co Founder Gcobani Bobo.

Our Values