Founded by Gary Crookes in April 2014.

Principle of engagement : ShadowBall® is more than a ball, it’s our opportunity to make an impact in the lives of the youth and contribute to making the world a better place.

Vision: We believe in a future where every child has been granted an opportunity to develop their level of skills to their utmost potential.

Mission: We strive to create the best quality, innovative rugby skills development products and programs for the youth. We are establishing a global network of enabled skills development professionals to reach & serve every child. We aim to continuously improve value for our customers, staff and shareholders.

ShadowBall Team

Our Values

At ShadowBall, rugby is more than just a game. We see it as an antidote to many  social challenges, especially amongst young people.

The dynamics of rugby involve a range of disciplines that positively contribute to the character and development of young players; building self-esteem and ultimately helping them become positive members of their communities.

This forms the foundation of our Values and is a part of everything we do.


Understand the importance of working together and collaborating to achieve a common goal.

Positive Attitude

Keep a positive attitude, especially when under pressure and learn to be a good sport in loss and in victory.


Have the discipline to follow the rules of the game, even when emotions are running high. Rugby has many rules and knowing them all takes focus and work.


There is always room to learn and to grow. Push yourself to do better. You are capable of more than you know.

Overcome Fear

The competition will sometimes be bigger. Learn to stand up to them. Give it 100% and don’t worry about the rest.


Rugby welcomes all and there is something for everyone. And that includes men and women, boys and girls. Find what works for you – Mini-rugby, Junior 15’s, Senior 15’s, 7’s, 10’s, Touch and even Beach Touch.

Hard Work Pays Off

Our test-train-test model allows players to see tangible results. Hard work is rewarded when you put in the time and effort.

Have Fun

Rugby is a shared experience that should be fun. Like life, don’t take it too seriously. This is the feeling we bring to everything we do.

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