The ShadowBall is scientifically proven to increase a player’s passing and catching accuracy by as much as 266% in just 4 weeks.

Protected under South African, Irish & European Registered Design.

Available exclusively through ShadowBall.

Designed according to World Rugby Board specifications for a rugby ball, to simulate technically correct pass & catch training.

Shadow Ball Pro Size 5. Rebounding Rugby Ball

ShadowBall news

Which ShadowBall is right for you?

Choose from three Shadowball Rugby Ball styles.

Usefull features.

  1. Developing – passing and catching speed, reaction time, accuracy, agility and efficiency – left and right handed.
  2. Improving – passing, throwing, catching and receiving skills and techniques – left and right handed.
  3. Building – strength, stamina, endurance, reaction time and confidence.
  4. Enhancing – ball handling proficiency, hand eye coordination, aim and ball awareness – left and right handed.
  5. Strengthening – passing and catching muscles both left and right sides.
  6. Perfecting – foot positioning, hand positioning, passing, receiving, catching and throwing.

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