A unique home training app for rugby

ShadowBall and Amaven have teamed up to bring you an in home rugby training solution. Created by skills and strength and conditioning experts from both companies. The ShadowBall Total Rugby App is a complete resource for rugby players who want to keep on top of their game from home.


The ShadowBall Total Rugby App for ShadowBaller’s includes:


  • ShadowBall games and drills which are fun games to play with your ShadowBall
  • The ShadowBall Pass Booster Program – known for its ability to increase passing and catching accuracy by as much as 266% in only 4 weeks
  • A new strength and conditioning program to take your skills to the next level.

Players can complete the exercises in their own home with a ShadowBall and limited equipment . Then rate themselves against others across the rugby world.


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Our Total Rugby App is an all-round development programme incorporating

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