ShadowBall® Pro Size 4


Size 4 rugby training ball


A regular rugby ball is that it cant be used to practice passing and catching on your own…

Almost all sports have a way to practice on your own. Golf players use the driving range and tennis player use the practice wall. Rugby players did not have this luxury until the ShadowBall was invented.

The ShadowBall enables bounces back off any wall enabling rugby players to practice passing and catching on their own.

Scientifically proven to increase a players passing and catching accuracy by as much as 266% in 4 weeks:

The ShadowBall enables any player to do as many as 300 passes and catches in just 10 minutes of training.

In sport, repetition is the mother of skill. The ShadowBall allows players to do more repetitions in a 10-minute session then they can do in a an entire regular practice session.

Concluding on this fact, the ShadowBall Sport Science Team found that the high repetition of passing and catching enabled by a ShadowBall vs a regular rugby ball is what helps players using the ShadowBall to increase their passing and catching skills by as much as 266% in 4 weeks.

Only Available from ShadowBall:

The ShadowBall Pro is the first product of it’s kind in the world. It’s protected under South African Registered Design F2014/00554 and it’s only available from ShadowBall.

Just like training with a real rugby ball except you need no partner:

The ShadowBall has the same circumference and weight as an IRB spec match ball. It’s exactly like training with a real match ball. All one needs is a wall, no need for a training partner.

Durable and long lasting:

The ShadowBall is made of the strongest materials (up to 4 ply laminated cotton panels) and the highest quality natural rubber available, so don’t worry, it can withstand seasons of hard passing against any wall and it wont break.

The brand trusted by Pro Players 

Many teams are now winning more games because of ShadowBall. A ShadowBall can change you game or your teams game. If you don’t believe us listen to what a professional player has to say about the ShadowBall :

Therefore, take action now and start using a ShadowBall to take your game to the next level.