ShadowBall® Pro Size 4


Size 4 Rugby training ball

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ShadowBall bounces off any wall straight back to the passer. Solo passing rugby passing & catching. A scientifically proven way to increase skills

The Size 4 ShadowBall is made for players aged 9 to 13. Simulates practice and play with an age appropriate match ball. The correct size ball for this key age when players start getting game time.

Perfect for solo training, play time & rapid skills development as kids begin to “get it” at this age. A ShadowBall is also the most effective way for coaches to teach passing and catching basics with high repetition in a team set up. Players can easily do as many as 300 passes and catches in just 10 minutes of training or play.


  • Has a flat end that allows the ball to bounce back & enables passing practice without a partner
  • Specifically designed size to help beginners improve their passing and catching skills, left and right
  • Hand stitched & made from 3 ply rubber concrete beating rubber to create a long lasting ball that can resist the forces of a concrete wall
  • Rapidly improves hand-eye co-ordination, builds passing muscles, improves passing and catching accuracy, develops passing technique, simulates line-out throws & kicking- left and right side
  • Comes with limited time access to the scientifically developed ShadowBall Pass Booster Program, Powered By Amaven App, packed with innovative drills and games for this age.

South African Patent # F2014/00554, Irish Patent #22039-0001& European Union Patent #003131234-0001

*** A ShadowBall Pro is made using innovative construction methods, careful hand craftmanship & the  highest quality materials. Each balls has 3 ply laminated natural cotton panels, blended & natural rubber compound and the best quality latex bladder. The result is a ball that has a superior long lasting surface, quick bounce and a fantastic grip.