We Just received a cool tip from DHL Stormers Skills Coach Labeeb Leevy.


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In the video, Labeeb is coaching Salmann Moeraat, a pro Lock from the DHL Stormers. Labeeb recommends a ShadowBall and a tennis ball to keep those skills fresh in the lock down. Labeeb is using the ShadowBall Pro Advancer in the first section of the drill. The ShadowBall Pro Advancer weighs 50% more than a full size 5 match ball. It’s used by pro teams to build longer stronger passes.

In the second part of the drill he uses a ShadowBall Pro Size 5 which is the same with as a match ball. Both balls are great for pro players and it’s ideal to have both.

This is also a great combo drill kids to play around with at home during lock down. Labeeb also talks a bit about catching, here’s a link to a useful video on how to catch a rugby ball. If you’re looking for more info on how to pass a rugby ball correctly, why not check out our youtube channel our our Shadowball Academy online where you can learn more about ShadowBall drills. Look out for a new coaching series launching next week…

Take care and stay say on top of things by giving it all you’ve got.


ShadowBall Team