Sports are as vital as medicine

Sport is a kind of medicine and sports managers are like doctors. Sport management businesses play a critical role in keeping people physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

Many of us deliver our medicine by offering services to schools, operating gyms, hosting events and organising tournaments. We keep people active and encourage endorphin driving, happiness creating exercise. We help people to bust depression, reduce stress, build skill, reach goals and keep weight in check. Sports businesses are an integral part of keeping people healthy:

Our clients have been advised to stay indoors and refrain from group activities. Schools have been closed from Wednesday. Major sporting events have been cancelled. How do we continue to add value? The Covid 19 pandemic poses a serious threat to health our businesses…

Sports management businesses should act quickly to counter and believe it or not, this is a great opportunity for us, here is what we plan to do:

Step 1- Assess the environment

The first port of call is to assess what new problems your clients will have. For sure your clients will all be at home a lot more and unable to participate in their usual events to practise and improve their fitness and skills. Those with kids will be looking for ways to keep them active and busy. Identify how this fact and others in this pandemic will impact your market .

Look at what your strengths, weaknesses, resources and skills you have. Take stock of assets that could be used to leverage your sports IP. Examples of these assets could be relationships, websites, data bases and staff. After doing this thinking you will be able to identify & prioritise new opportunities for your business.

The thinking follows the basic principles of strategic analysis using SWOT and PESTLE. More info found here:

Step 2 – Plan the value

We all have our own secret sauce for coaching. Now is the time to spread your sauce globally. Develop ideas to deliver your sports coaching sauce online and align the content to the market and the problems you identified.

Coaching business should consider partnering with one of the many digital delivery platforms like Amaven or even just on to house and spread the content.

Sports leagues, who focus on competitions can look into starting e-sports challenges and other creative contests. There are a number of options available off the shelf. Suppliers such as Market JS have options ready to go and because the development has already been done, it’s possible to implement this strategy quickly. Major League Rugby has launched a superb response , by introducing their highly creative Eleague. There is huge scope to support charities in this space..

The most important point to consider before going live is how to get value back from distributing this content online. A few examples of how to get paid are: advertising on YouTube, uploading to content hubs such as udemy, selling subscriptions and raising money for charity.

Step 3 – Assemble the team and create

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Because this opportunity will only be with us for 3 to 6 months, we have limited time to implement the plan. Having a team to help will speed up the process.

For sport content, video is key. Video content filmed from your mobile phone is normally good enough for the web. Modern mobile phones are high enough res and functions to upload right away. With a mobile phone in hand you can go quite far.

You may require other items such as logo, images and well designed posts. You could approach an agency for design but they may be expensive. You will have to decide before hand on your budget. If your budget is low, I suggest considering online services made for small business or white label. Virtual & digital assistants are avaiable as little as 5 USD on or more on Elance.


Step 4 – Your coaches are now digital marketing agents

Many sports businesses have coaches sitting at home. All of our coaches have their own network and communication centres on their mobile phones. Common tools like Watsapp, which I’m sure we all use every day, can become even more central to revenue generations. Coaches can reach out to their networks on Facebook, Instagram, email or TikTok.

I’m not suggesting you only use coaches to promote but add them to there marketing mix you already have in place.

Step 5 – Set Goals, measure & adjust

For us to measure the effectiveness of what we undertake, we will need to have clear goals set in advance. A good goal methodology is SMART Goals. I suggest setting goals for multiple areas such as the number of views per post, downloads, shares, likes, email opens and purchases. You will need to try new things and be brave and bold.

After you have posted the first piece of content it’s time to evaluate if your assumptions are correct. This can be an exciting and nerve racking time. Make adjustments where necessary and continue on. Remember you may not get it right the first time, you are allowed to make mistakes and will improve in time.

Ideally this should be a fun creative experience. Have a long long term vision. Investments made properly into the the digital transformation of your coaching business will build a stronger customer base and new revenue streams.

If your business is in need of strategies grow, and you could use the help of an experienced sports strategist, feel free to contact me: