ShadowBall Total Rugby App is a rugby home training app for players of any age. The App solves some of the problems caused by a lack of knowledge in rugby skills and the Covid pandemic’s impact on sport.

The challenge with rugby is the sport requires a high level of IP & because it is niche very few coaches possess skills knowledge. ShadowBall is a South African rugby focussed company with advanced IP on skills. ShadowBall have developed multiple programs to help players and teams of any level increase their skills.

For players of the game, we are faced by many challenges during this Covid Pandemic. For pandemic related reasons, sport has been called off again. In addition to not being able to train, we may get back to game time soon at any moment. As teams wait to come back to sport, the lack of game time is ever increasing and skills are softening. The imminent game time call increases pressure to stay ready. But how do you get ready??

The ShadowBall Total Rugby App speaks into both of these problems.

ShadowBall provide specialised rugby skills knowledge and Amaven have deep tech knowledge + competencies in training players at home. Amaven and ShadowBall have partnered to bring you Total Rugby. The partnership made sense as both companies have uniques skills to bring contribute to creating a meaningful training tool.

The ShadowBall Total Rugby App app has levels of progression, so it’s suitable for players of any ages. In the App is a weekly training program which has skills and S & C, the 4 Week Pass Booster Program & some challenges. The drills and games will be really fun for parents to do with kids too.

There is a 14 day free trial

At no risk, players, coaches and parents can get in. Anyone who now want’s to carry on training can use the app to get busy, training & build some skills. What is new for ShadowBall’ers who have been following us for a while is the app has drills for strength and conditioning as well.

ShadowBall Total Rugby has and interactive dashboard and rankings

ShadowBall choose Amaven as a tech partner because the Amaven App has a customised dash board that tracks players entries. Once entered , players can compare their scores to other’s on the Total Rugby App.

A feature for coaches and parents is the dashboard provides visibility on how players have done. This is an incredibly useful feature for training players remotely for pro and school teams.

The 14 day free trial is limited, any interested people may sign up here while the free trial ism open…