Gilbert Rugby Reflex Trainer Rugby Ball – Size 5


Improves players balance and passing

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In a fast pace game, there is zero time for error and players need perfect hand eye coordination to ensure the ball is moved swiftly across the pitch. Gilbert have designed the Reflex Trainer Ball, an innovative product made to improve players balance and passing on the run so accuracy and precision in a match situation is at its best. The Reflex Trainer Ball is the same size and weight as a rugby ball and is available in size 5 only. The two elastic wires attached at one end, have wrist straps at the other so players can practice their passing skills by themselves in any situation whilst the ball fires straight back to them. This exciting new product is perfect for all abilities. If you want to fine tune your passing expertise then the Reflex Trainer Ball is a must have.


  • Improves players balance and passing
  • Same size and weight as a rugby ball
  • Two elastic wires
  • Wrist straps

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