ShadowBall, Viralmed & Amaven SA have teamed up with pro rugby players worldwide to launch an exciting challenge with a triple bottom line and a worthwhile prize to compete for.

Rise to the challenge aims to build skills, keep people healthy & raise funds for those in need. A % of all revenue goes to SA Cares For Life, a registered NPO feeding families who are in need of food during lockdown. Our goal is to raise enough funds, through sales of packages and donations for SA Cares For Life to feed 100 families for 1 month. 

ShadowBall believes in a future where every child has skills. 

The ShadowBall is a unique ball that rebounds off any wall so a player can repeatedly pass and catch the ball on their own.  A South African invention, protected under design patent in South Africa, United Kingdom & Europe. The ShadowBall is the best way for players to practice all of their skills at home & is scientifically proven to increase passing & catching by as much as 266% in 4 weeks. Players can do as many as 10 000 passes and catches, by training for just 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks with their ShadowBall. The ShadowBall is an ideal way to make progress in the time at home for any rugby player.  

Covid 19 stopped the shipping of all sports products.

Many families have therefor been been stranded with no sporting way to keep kids actively entertained. ShadowBall, Viralmed & Amaven SA have risen to the challenge to solve these problems. By packaging essential vitamin c with a ShadowBall, Viralmed are now helping all players get access to vitamin c & ShadowBall’s nationwide. Anyone can buy an immune & skills booster combo pack, which contains 2 packs of much needed Viralmed immune boosting vitamin c products & a ShadowBall. 

Any player already owning a ShadowBall can also access the ShadowBall Powered by Amaven app to enter the Rise To The Challenge.

As well as a Challenge entry, the app also comes complete with 5 week skills training program to boost results. The powerful app contains video instructions, tracking and analysis tools for the scientifically developed ShadowBall Challenge & Pass Booster Program. Winners are competing for 1 of 3 ShadowBall & Viralmed prize hampers valued at R 1600 each. 

Viralmed is scientifically developed by a team of pharmacists, dietitians & nutritional experts at XS Health. Viralmed uses high grade, high quality natural ingredients, that are potent, safe and effectively formulated to give you the best health. With the inability to move around, Amaven provides the stay at home solution for children to get a structured curriculum to embed healthy lifestyles through lesson plans and video-based classroom activities in order to promote dance, athletics and games. 

The ShadowBall Challenge is entered by signing up on the ShadowBall website It’s open to all players worldwide who own a ShadowBall. 

ShadowBall’s’ initiative also aims emphasise the rights that children have and back those who are working tirelessly to ensure that these rights are met in their communities.

Understanding the economic turmoil the nation currently faces it makes it difficult for ordinary citizens of South African to contribute to those less fortunate than them. This challenge, in going further than we can, is what the campaign urges to alleviate. The call is to come together, stand united, live and strive for children’s freedom, health and security in South Africa, our land.


For any interview requests for the founder Gary Crookes or ShadowBall Academy manager Selom Gavor or administrators from the sponsors and partners feel free to request (subject to availability). 

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