One of the major benefits of hard times is the innovation in sport

Innovation in sport gets bred in hard times and changes. We’re uncertain if it’s the time that we have on our hands or the extra pressure or maybe both. But the sport industry has seen major benefit from the lock down in terms of home training and digital innovation. 

Some of our favorite inventions are:

The first Smart ball used for analytics in matches, well done Gilbert : 

The Gilbert Smart Ball

The mouth guard helping diagnose concussion:

Opro Mouth Guards:

Tools for gathering data for strength training analysis:


Hand eye co-ordination improvement :

SKLZ reactive catch:

Innovative tackling trainer:

Tetra Tackle bag:

Home ball skills training app with interactive Homecourt AI:

At ShadowBall we are not stranger to both of these areas and we have some surprises for your our fantastic skills community. Look out for some big announcements for new products and new partnerships in the coming month. Some of this may even blow you away. 

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