World renowned Ref Rasta Rashivenge joined us to upskill some incredibly bright kids from Lacreuse Community Rugby Project and take a ShadowBall Challenge. Alongside Mitsubishi SA General Manager Nic Campbell and Gcobani Bobo, some good work was done.

Hosted by Trinityhouse School Randpark Ridge at the ShadowBall Academy. This rugby skills development day focussed on transferring vital passing and catching skills and life skills to the kids to the young rugby boys and girls.

The sun beat down and the vibe came up. Gcobani Bobo and Rasta Rashivenge had a great time as did the kids form Lacreuse rugby who got to gain some vital rugby skills knowledge on the day.

A day like this can really open the minds eyes of the kids by giving them access to knowledge and experience of how to develop skills. At each day we play games that enhance team work and communication values. We challenge the kids to excellence in the various skills challenges. But no mater of they win or loose and if they are good yet or not, meeting some heroes from TV can inspire them to push a little harder and learn that these heroes are just people like you and I.

I personally believe sport plays a huge role in the future success of South Africa and we cherish the days like this where we get to meet and inspire kids from new places. It only takes 1 of us to change the rest of us…

The time to invest in the youth for SA and make a brighter future is now 🇿🇦🏉

ShadowBall are looking for partners who would like to inspire and educate children through rugby. We really believe the time is right now after the World Cup. Young kids from all places are excited to get into the game. ShadowBall is a perfect platform to engage players of any age in skills and values education. Get in touch with

Thanks to the organisers of the day Lacreuse rugby, Selom Gavor, Rasta Rashivenge, Gcobani Bob and Nic Campbell from Mitsubishi & TrintiyHouse Randpark Ridge for the space.

Yours Sincerely

Gary Crookes