On behalf of ShadowBall Team and SA Cares For Life, thank you for your contributions to Rise To The Challenge. Each person who donated money or purchased a ball really made a difference. The generous contribution to help feed destitute families from South Africa during Covid 19.

As we look back on the dark days of 6 months ago, we recall how hopeless the situation felt. As you are aware, there are many poor people in South Africa. In normal times it is hard for them to earn enough money to cover all of their needs. During the Covid 19 pandemic families who could no travel and earn started suffering from starvation. Needless to say the situation made us very concerned for our fellow human beings. We knew in our hearts we had to find a way to be of help to our countrymen in need.  

Rise to The Challenge had goals of collecting money to feed 100 families and raising awareness.

Running a ShadowBall challenge that involved celebrity rugby players seemed like he best way we could achieve this. The support from you Japan, Europe, Brazil and across the world really inspired us. The ShadowBall challenges gave us courage to try harder & made the campaign the success it was. We cannot express our gratitude enough.


During the Rise To The Challenge we raised USD 1350 by allocating a % of all sales during the period. Japan contributed USD 308. The money we raised was enough to feed 35 families of 4, for 1 month. In addition to the food we could also supply them with the basics to eat every day and basic toiletries. We featured on a national local radio station and many partner social media pages and websites. The feature on Japanese news was certainly a highlight, thank you. When we look back, we feel we achieved our goals and were successful in making a difference. 

ShadowBall Team helped deliver the food parcels to the beneficiaries.  

Restrictions on our movement were tight in lockdown. Each time before we went out, we needed to get permission to travel. This certainly was a different work experience. When we did a food delivery we left ShadowBall’s and set up a ShadowBall Challenge at SA Cares life houses. These life houses are places of safety in impoverished communities. After each day, we left behind the ShadowBall’s & targets. The food and ShadowBall Challenges made a big impact with the kids we encountered. In total we managed to do 3 deliveries and trainings. 

During the Rise To The Challenge, 10 Springboks from all different forms of rugby helped us drive awareness

We are grateful to them for their assistance. Japanese pro players also massively drove awareness for us by doing the ShadowBall Challenge. Due to the language barrier we were not sure exactly how many and who they were by exact name.  We thank all of them for this assistance. A great highlight of the event was making Saturday night news in Japan. This was a very positive occasion for the brand.



We are looking forward to developing the next big idea together. If here are any requests to help people in South Africa again, we are more than happy to facilitate this. Should we be able to return the help in any way we will gladly be of assistance. 

Our sponsors were amazing and we could not have done it without them

During Covid 19, sales of shadowball’s and sporting goods were not permitted. XS health and ViraMed sponsored shipping and product packs top make us legal to ship and send during Covid 19. Amaven our tech partner delivered the challenge programs and online education platform via sign in not the campaign page https://shadowball.co.za/rise-to-the-challenge/ . Thank you!!

SA Cares For Life does amazing work and we were blessed to find a partner who could accept us and allow us too make a difference in this time. Please see their website for more info or make a donation here https://shadowball.co.za/product-category/donation/

Gary Crookes

ShadowBall Inventor, Founder & MD