[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 1 Handed Rugby Spin Passing Drill is the best left hand rugby passing drill for kids.

Rugby is a team sport but passing and catching are individual techniques that need individual attention to be improved and mastered.  We’ve all noted that many players don’t have equally accuracy and range in their passes with their dominant and no dominant hands. This unattended passing deficiency that exists in many player leads to missed opportunities for tries during a game when players opt to go to crash ball or to ground instead of passing to a player on the side of their weaker pass. This can happen when the player lacks confidence in their  ability to make the pass.

To correct this weakness and to develop equally accurate left and right hand rugby spin passes <a title=”Rugby Spin Passing. ” href=”http://rugby-sidestep-central.com/spira-pass-or-spin-pass.html”>(click here for more on spin passes) </a> capable of going the same distance we suggest that every rugby player needs to master and regularly practice the 1 Handed  Spin Pass both left and right . This drill can be practiced with a normal rugby ball <a title=”Rugby Spin Passing ” href=”http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkhAvoakxGY”>(see this video to find out how) </a>or a ShadowBall. However, practicing this rugby passing drill drill against a wall with a shadowBall has several advantages over a practicing with a traditional rugby ball. With a ShadowBall you can: 1 Achieve way more repetitions in a shorter space of time and you will see faster improvements in passing accuracy and range 2. The player practices passing and catching in one repetition giving triple the results for hand eye coordination , improved passing accuracy and range and improved catching ability and 3. A player who wants to improve does not need a team mate to practice with and co do this in their own time allowing them much more time to practice and making it possible for them to approve in a much shorter space of time..

The ShadowBall 1 handed push pass is a rugby passing drill for kids and a rugby passing drill for any player up to pro level. <a title=”ShadowBall 1 Handed Spin Pass” href=”http://https://youtu.be/XYIt2Jry0C4″>(Watch the video here)</a> and see this page for more <a href=”http://https://shadowball.co.za/rugby-passing-drills/”>ShadowBall drills.</a>

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