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ShadowBall Pro Size 5


The ShadowBall Pro Size 5

The revolutionary training aid for professionals and players who use a size 5 ball in a match.  Generally for players aged 14+and for those players who need a technically correct passing training aid. Scientifically proven to increase passing accuracy by as much as 266% in our in-house tests.

The ShadowBall Pro Size 5 was the first product of it’s kind. Protected under South African Registered Design F2014/00554. The ShadowBall Pro Size 5 meets the  IRB Specifications for weight and diameter of a match ball which means when you practice passing with the ShadowBall it’s exactly like training with a regular rugby ball. The ShadowBall ProSize 5’s Diameter is 58 to 62cm and it weighs 410 to 460 grams


Shadowball Pro Size 3

  • Size 3 rugby training ball 
  • Heavy bladder with superior longer lasting construction 
  • For ages 7 and under 
  • Specifically designed to help beginners improve their passing skills 
  • Hand stitched match quality ball 

The ShadowWall

  • portable for training flexibility
  • use the ShadowBall on the field or indoors, anytime, anywhere 
  • maximum rebound design for ultimate performance with the ShadowBall
  • water resistant – made from 12mm marine ply
  • comes with a standard carry bag 

Shadowball Construct 1.0 Training Rugby Ball


Training Ruby Ball

  • World Rugby specifications
  • Match quality, math weight and superior balancing
  • High quality natural rubber for superior quality and grip
  • 3D grip pattern to further maximize grip (3 to 6 stronger than other leading brands)
  • High visibility pattern
  • Latexx bladder for longer kicks
  • Shadowball rubber compound
  • In-seam valve
  • 3 Ply