Viralmed immune & skills support packages – size 3


Size 3 ShadowBall


Viralmed immune & skills support package – size 3

ShadowBall and Viralmed have teamed up to offer the Viralmed Immune & Skills Support Packages.

Each Package includes:

  • A ShadowBall size 3, 4 or 5
  • + a pack of Viralmed 30’s capsules
  • + a tube of 10 Viralmed effervescent tabs
  • + 3 months access to ShadowBall Powered by Amaven App
  • Includes delivery anywhere in South Africa
  • Limited time offer in the Covid 19 the lockdown

The Viralmed immune & skills booster package are designed for rugby players and families to keep them healthy and their skills fresh. Now players have the chance to come back stronger by taking extra vitamin C and following a ShadowBall skills program on Amaven. This offer is part of the #risetothechallenge campaign. In this campaign Viralmed and ShadowBall are donating the profits from each package sold to SA Cares For Life SA Cares for Life is a registered NPO helping children in need in South Africa.

Rise To The Challenge

Our goal is to help feed 100 families for 1 month. Proceeds from every Viralmed skills & immune support package contribute towards this goal. SA Cares for Life is a registered NPO doing amazing work for children in Gauteng.

More info about the cause we are supporting and #risetothechallenge can be found here:


Take The ShadowBall Challenge

The ShadowBall Challenge is a battery of scientifically developed skills challenge that measure your passing and catching abilities. Using a ShadowBall and drills developed by a leading university:

  • Players complete drills which they can do at home on their own.
  • Players record their score in the ShadowBall Powered By Amaven App.
  • Players are able to compare their score to global skills norms in the app and follow a leaderboard posted online to monitor leading scores.

Anyone who buys or owns a ShadowBall can enter the challenge by visiting ShadowBall’s website and registering  Register & you will receive a unique user profile and be given free access to ShadowBall Powered By Amaven app for 3 months.  Players who own a ShadowBall can help by spreading the message to teammates who you would like to see improve their skills.

About ShadowBall Powered By Amaven

ShadowBall and Amaven have partnered to offer the ShadowBall Challenge and ShadowBall Pass Booster Program digitally. Amaven have developed a custom app for ShadowBall using Amaven’s proprietary skills development software. Now any ShadowBall owner can follow scientifically developed skills challenges and programs from their electronic device. Players can track their progress and compare themselves to global skills norms by uploading their results to their custom dashboard.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, for a limited time only, all ShadowBall owners can get access to the ShadowBall Powered By Amaven App free for 3 months by registering at