ShadowBall® Pro Size 3


Size 3 rugby training ball

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ShadowBall bounces off any wall straight back to the passer. Solo passing rugby passing & catching. A scientifically proven way to increase skills…

The ShadowBall Size 3 is made for players younger than 9. Simulates practice and play with an age appropriate full size rugby ball. The correct size ball for beginners.

Perfect for solo training, fun parent and child time and a great way for educators to teach passing and catching too.


  • Has a flat end that allows the ball to bounce back & enables passing practice without a partner
  • Designed size to help beginners improve their passing and catching skills, left and right
  • Hand stitched & made from 3 ply concrete beating rubber. A long lasting ball that can resist the forces of a concrete wall
  • Rapidly improves hand-eye co-ordination, builds passing muscles, improves passing and catching accuracy, develops passing technique, simulates line-out throws & kicking- left and right side
  • Comes with limited time access to the scientifically developed ShadowBall Pass Booster Program, Powered By Amaven App.

South African Patent # F2014/00554, Irish Patent #22039-0001& European Union Patent #003131234-0001

*** A ShadowBall Pro is made using innovative construction methods, careful hand craftmanship & the  highest quality materials. Each balls has 3 ply laminated natural cotton panels, blended synthetic & natural rubber compound and the best quality latex bladder. The result is a ball that has a superior long lasting surface, quick bounce and a fantastic grip.