ShadowBall® Academy Trinityhouse – Ages 7 to 9




Sign up to the ShadowBall Academy to improve your child’s passing and catching ability by as much as 266% within four weeks.

The ShadowBall Academy offers the worlds leading ball skills development program for players aged 7 to 13.

The ShadowBall Academy is an innovative rugby venue offering rugby development programmes that augment regular coaching to massively improve individual ball skills.

Founded on the revolutionary rugby training tool – the ShadowBall, players now have the opportunity to take their skills to the next level.

A world first in rugby skills development that has been proven and tested at the highest levels of the game!


Dear Rugby Parent

The ShadowBall Academy can redefine your child’s rugby passing game.


Excellent passing and catching skills are fundamental to the modern game. For young players, it is crucial to master skills individually and not only as a team.

From school level to professional rugby, it has been proven that the more practice and attention a player gives to developing his/her passing and catching skills, the more advanced and confident sports people they will become.

With a ShadowBall, dedication and some determination, future champions can get the edge on their competition by improving their skills.



The patented rugby-training ball, exclusively supplied by ShadowBall that rebounds off any wall and comes spiralling back to the passer. 

The ShadowBall enables players to practice and perfect their rugby passes and catches in their own time.

Hand stitched, technically balanced and made from natural rubber which can withstand 100’s of thousands of repetitions against the wall.

Made to meet World Rugby specifications for match ball weight and circumference, the ShadowBall simulates training with a regular match ball.

“the greatest innovation in Rugby since the kicking tee replaced the bucket of sand” by


The ShadowBall allows players to do as many as 300 passes and catches in just 10 minutes in a solo or coach led training session “Repetition is the mother of skill”.


As used by The Centre for Human Performance Sciences of Stellenbosch University, The Springbok 15’s, Junior Bok’s, Springbok 7’s and the Deaf Bok Team as well as several of the top 100 schools in SA.


Globally distributed in South Africa, Japan, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Asia, North America and South America.



Even through the ShadowBall is a powerful training tool, our research has proven that the best results are achieved and the most fun is had when training is done under supervision of a qualified ShadowBall Coach. The statement – “practice makes perfect is not always true”, practicing bad habits can make those habits permanent too.

For the very first time in the world, The ShadowBall Academy is now offering the Pass Booster Program to selected schools, using the ShadowBall under the sole full time guidance of a professional ShadowBall coach.

The ShadowBall Pass Booster Program has been developed specifically to improve rugby passing technique and accuracy in a short space of time and our coaches have been trained to maximise the success of the program by guiding players through the process beginning to end.

The ShadowBall Academy has proven results from junior to pro, Selom Gavor, Golden Lions Winger had this to say: “The ShadowBall Pass Booster Program increased my skills as a professional player by as much as 100% in 4 weeks, its a real game changer. It helped me score my first 2 pro career tries and set up Curie Cup try of the season 2016” Selom Gavor, Golden Lions Rugby Player & member of the High-Performance Unit.


Specific ShadowBall programs can allow up to 10 000 passes and catches and can be completed with just 10 minutes of practice per day, providing a massive short cut to rugby skills mastery.

Scientific tests at Jeppe High School for Boys, using Grade 8 players concluded that ShadowBall’s Pass Booster Programme could increase a players passing accuracy by as much as 266% within a 4-week period.

Take this chance to dramatically improve your child’s confidence and skills and give them a head start:

Cost:  R 1600 per player

The ShadowBall Academy Package Includes:




8 x 1 hour weekly high performance sessions conducted at the selected school and includes input and guidance from Gcobani Bobo.

Players are also provided the home training program and expected to put in just 10 minutes per day on their own.


Skills test at the beginning and end of the programme are used to measure improvement.


Fun challenges with prizes during the course are offered with a certificate of completion and grading at the end.


Compare your skill to national averages and position specific requirements to help guide your rugby career.


Where: Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge


How: A maximum of 8 players to 1 coach


When: All year round in the available time slots


Shadowball Guarantee:

The Shadowball team is proud to offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of The ShadowBall Academy or have not seen an improvement of your child’s hand eye co-ordination and passing skills, you can return the ball for a full refund within 14 days.

Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to improve your child’s winning chances and Join the ShadowBall Academy NOW! Return this form with proof of payment to the Sports Office to book your place.