Donation to Sa Cares For Life



All donations received go directly to SA Cares For Life, without deduction.

Sa Care For Life is a registered NPO caring for families in need. ShadowBall choose them to be the beneficiary for all funds raised from Rise To The Challenge because of the exemplary work they have been doing to support children and families for more than 20 years.

With the Covid 19 Lockdown poor families are literally starving.  

Sa Cares For Life have so many people who are hungry. People who would normally be able to look after their families by doing low income, day to day jobs are completely locked out from earning during lockdown. What SA Cares For Life  most needs now is food, nappies and milk.

We are trying to help families as much as we can with a R200 food pack, so they can buy the following items. 10KG Maize meal, 2,5 kg Sugar, 2,5 Kg flour (for vetkoek /fatcakes etc), Oil, Salt, Tea, 1 kg Soya Mince. This helps to feed a family for a week.

Funds are urgently needed to feed starving families.

“The most difficult thing is to look your kids in the eye and tell them you do not have food for them for tonight”.
– Sanet Fagan, SA Cares For Life CEO

More info about SA Cares For Life can be found here: 

Thank you for helping

From ShadowBall Team